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Who We Are?

JobNow is a leading online job portal, attracting around Singapore jobseekers every month. We work with the most recognized and reputable local and global companies, publishing hundreds of job openings every month. At JobNow, our focus is to place job seekers into right roles, offering them a career opportunity that suits their preferences and allows them to contribute to the employer’s business. Despite being a relatively new online job portal operating since 2016, JobNow has experienced accelerated growth. At the heart of our success is our commitment to make job search and recruitment easier for our users by offering them new, innovative solutions. The solutions designed by our experts not only help jobseekers save time and money by finding the right job quickly, but also enable companies to make smarter recruitment decisions that offer them a high return on investment over the years.

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What We Do?

What distinguishes JobNow from other job portals is our commitment to make job hunt and recruitment easier for our users. Our extensive, feature-rich database makes the cumbersome task of browsing through thousand of job advertisements and resumes easier and quicker by allowing the users to filter results based on multiple criteria, including location, skills, experience, and industry. In addition to publishing job advertisements, JobNow also helps employers build their corporate profile and write compelling job adverts that have this unique power to attract the most talented individuals. Our HR professionals and industry experts who hold extensive experience of working for a wide range of industries also provide their advice and tips to jobseekers, helping them position themselves better for future career opportunities.

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